Sierra Burgess-Yeo

Sierra Burgess-Yeo - amateur coffee-maker, professional cat-lover and Olympic kimchi-eater. Lives in London. Freelance barista, coffee writer and project pursuer. Photo: Brenda TY.

Cafeaturette #2 – Macintyre Coffee

22 July, 2018 | Cafeaturettes

“Nice, sexy baristas Decent coffee Black Sabbath all Sunday long Uncomfortable seats” I was given this preface to start with, verbatim, from…

QC Cuppings - que?

20 May, 2018 | Coffee

I’ve made it a personal goal today to remain in my pajamas on principle even though a) it’s about 23 degrees outside b) I’ve had to go to…

Cafeaturette #1 - Rosslyn

18 May, 2018 | Cafeaturettes

There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine for sitting in a cafe in London. Was running the edge of being overcaffeinated today after the Square…

My Two Favourite Things That I Don't Want To Talk About

11 May, 2018 | Coffee | Gender

It’s been a hectic several weeks! Been working on consolidating the things I’ve wanted to talk about here that’s happened late March and…

Maiden Voyage

10 April, 2018 | Coffee

Finally I’m sitting myself down on pain of lack of caffeine to write what I’d been telling myself for a year that I would write. In the…