Sierra Burgess-Yeo

When I first started out in the industry I once was part of a well-meaning Whatsapp group that could potentially have answered all of my coffee questions - if I’d known at that point what I didn’t know, and not been too afraid to ask questions. Also, it wasn’t very helpful that all of the esoteric, technical and/or scientific questions being posed and answered were by blokes, with little to no interaction or opinions being offered by the ladies. It was pretty infuriating because I wanted to take part in the conversation, and I wanted to learn - but it didn’t seem like I had a voice.

This blog is an attempt to remedy that information accessibility gap, two years later. It’s every bit a personal and political blog, and will include feelings. It’s also just a place for me to get everything I’ve learnt consolidated, because I have the memory of a goldfish. It’s a work in progress that reflects my own growth in the industry - and whatever gaps in my knowledge will be filled as soon as I’m aware of them. Opinions are my own, delivered respectfully but truthfully.

Have a read, and join the discourse.


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